structured cabling

Structured Cabling

Our team of highly qualified knowledgeable staff adheres to the highest standards for structured wiring solutions in the industry. We ensure your wiring solution will be installed meeting all state, regional and local codes. With the advent of high-speed data networks and integrated voice, video, and data, structured cabling systems provide the fundamental building blocks for the connectivity of equipment and services. If the structure cabling system is not correct in either its design or installation it can effect on the integrity of the network itself.

The IPS structured cabling solution also provides an application assurance so that when the new technology is implemented such as gigabit Ethernet to the desktop or 10 gigabit fiber, the customer has the peace of mind that this technology will work. The IPS structured connectivity solutions are a key element of any manufacturers portfolio and the industry leading cabling solution worldwide. Designed for the modern era of gigabit and 10 gigabit applications, IPS has provided the most comprehensive cabling system in the market today. IPS cabling can be customized to fit any customer's needs using copper or fiber solutions. IPS will help with the design, installation, project management and ongoing maintenance of the structured cabling system this will include the provision of the manufacturers warranty. Our engineers will work closely with the customer to ensure the minimum of disruption to both users and the current services.

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